Work Package 5: Cross Country Comparison


In the final work step the indicators developed in WP1 and compiled in WP3 and WP4 are summarised in a uniform framework. In addition, the sub-indices for the four different areas mobility, housing, manufacturing, electricity and heat supply as well as the aggregate index defined in WP1 are provided for selected EU Member States. The indices each consider the three dimensions of sustainability (economic, social and ecological). For each of the composite indices sensitivity and decomposition analyses are performed. This ensures the quality of the composite indices on the one hand and allows highlighting the impact of changes in individual indicators on the other hand.

We analyse the development of the different indices in the past decades (i.e. between 1990 and 2014) and highlight trade-offs and synergies between the different indicators and sub-indices. The development of the composite indices for selected EU Member States is performed. For the best performing countries an appraisal of underlying policies will be performed and policy recommendations for Austria will be derived.

Last update: 19 May 2017